Overseas Customers

ABCD Storage is currently only sold through Amazon.co.uk where prices include UK postage. We welcome orders from overseas and can accept secure payments using any major credit or debit card through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required. Simply email us with your location and requirements and we will respond with prices including shipping.

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Our products are now available on AMAZON.DE, AMAZON.FR, AMAZON.ES and AMAZON.IT

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Prices (inc p&p)



CD20          £8.45

CD40        £15.25

CD60        £22.45

CD80        £29.45

CD100      £34.95

CD120      £39.95

CD500    £139.00



DVD20        £9.15

DVD40      £16.65

DVD60      £24.45

DVD80      £30.95

DVD100   £36.95

DVD120   £41.95

DVD500 £155.00







Our CD and DVD storage system is only available from our Amazon Store. The pack sizes available are listed here with our Amazon Store pricing. All prices include postage within the UK.

Clicking on the pack sizes in the side column to the right will open a new window taking you directly to that product page on our Amazon.co.uk store. Alternatively clicking the Amazon link in the left column will open a new window with our Amazon Storefront displaying all pack sizes.

To help minimise waste and avoid excess packaging all orders are packed in bulk, securely wrapped in brown paper and bubble wrap. Larger orders may even be packed in recycled boxes from the supermarket.