For anyone struggling to organise a growing CD collection in alphabetical order, or any kind of order, this is the answer.

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CD Storage Features

Individual CD holders interlock to create a storage rack of any length.

Converts any shelf or desktop into the ideal CD storage solution.

Storage that can grow as your collection grows - one by one.

Insert additions to the collection at any point in sequence.

Ideally suited to filing collections in alphabetical order.

Double CDs and small box sets can be accommodated in sequence by simply leaving the desired gap between CDs.

No more half empty storage racks or wasted shelf space.

Also available for DVD collections - both systems interlock with each other to provide the perfect storage solution for home and office.

it's simply a CD rack with a difference

This modular CD rack is created by interlocking the unique individual CD holders to form a CD rack of any length, transforming any shelf or desktop into the ideal CD storage system.

You no longer need to buy dedicated media storage furniture to keep your collection tidy and organised. No more trying to figure out whether to buy storage furniture for your current collection that will soon be outgrown or spend more on a bigger size that will sit half empty for a while.

The system is virtually invisible in use but creates a tidy storage rack on any flat surface

Simply use your existing shelving, or any shelving to suit your decor, and create a rack exactly the size you need and add to it as your collection grows - one by one. The rack, finished in a pale green frosted glass-like appearance is virtually invisible in use. You'll just see a neatly organised CD collection sitting on your own choice of furniture giving you flexibility and control over how and where you store your collection.

Create a CD rack as long as your shelf or cabinet surface will allow

Organise your CD collection effortlessly

The real benefit of this system, however, is not in its appearance and flexibility but in its added functionality. It was specifically designed to simplify the filing of large collections in alphabetical order.

New titles can be added anywhere in sequence without the need to reposition every CD one slot at a time. Simply add a new holder anywhere in the rack by removing a couple of CDs in order to split the existing rack, insert the new holder and replace the CDs.

It is also possible to insert box sets or unusual sizes of CDs in sequence simply by leaving a gap in the rack.

The DVD storage rack interlocks with the CD rack and so provides the perfect storage solution for all your CDs and DVDs.

The unique design of the interlock creates only one upright wall 2mm thick between cases ensuring that no space is wasted - 20 CDs require 27cm of shelf space.