This form does not yet contain any fields.’s simple storage solution for CD and DVD collections was designed by Westpoint Design, a graphic design company established in Glasgow, Scotland since 1981. It is also manufactured in Scotland and is available directly from Westpoint Design.

    It was specifically created to simplify the task of filing our large collection of CDs in alphabetical order. This was previously a labour intensive process using CD towers and traditional slotted CD racks which required CDs to be moved along one slot at a time to add a new CD in sequence. Eventually it became too much bother and ordinary bookcase shelves were used instead. However, every time CDs were removed to play in the office or the car, their spaces were lost and the hassle of replacing them meant the collection soon became disorganised. Our inability to find a suitable method of storing a growing collection of music CDs drove us to devise our own system.

    If this problem sounds familiar to you, give our system a try. We think we've found a simple, effective solution which has the additional benefit of being almost invisible in use allowing you to determine the look and style of how your collection is stored and giving you the flexibility of using existing furniture or any flat surface.

    The same advantages apply to the storage of DVD and computer game collections and the fact that both systems interlock with each other provides the perfect solution for all you media storage.

    They are only available directly from ourselves through our Amazon Store.


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